Chicken 65!

Well this dish sure has a strange name. I mean really, how many dishes you know that has a number in it? There are several historical claims about this dish’s origin of name – some says it was invented in 1965. But whatever the claims are – all of them meet at one point. This […]

Mom’s Spicy Egg Curry!

Nothing can compete with mom-made foods. All over the whole world, our moms’ recipes are the best! Requirements: Half boiled eggs (A little more than half boiled. The yolk inside should be very tender, soft and orange-ish – not dry and bluish grey.) Onions Bell peppers or Capiscum Ginger Garlic Red Chili Paste/Sauce Red Chili […]

HomeMade Burritos!

  Tried making burritos for the first time. It turned out to be more of a chicken wrap! But totally nailed it in taste! Home made tortillas (flour, milk, saturated fat, warm water, baking soda, salt) Chicken marinated with curd, red chili powder, oregano and thyme and lemon juice instead of vinegar. Cooked with cinnamon, […]